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It's simple.
Tiffany is a multi-passionate, bible believing, baby carrying, wife giving, friend loving, coffee sipping entrepreneur who believes in the power of perspective. She is convinced that your "yes" can unlock what it means to walk in true contentment so that you can spend less time scrolling and more time fulfilling your unique purpose. Tiffany lovingly shares what she's learned along her journey so she can come alongside of you on yours.

Adirondack Tree Farm

In honor of the first sticky-stick-and stay snow fall in the magical Adirondack’s, the Barrett family went out for a weekend adventure to pick out our Christmas tree. After many years of putting up artificial trees, I’ve learned countless times that there is nothing like the smell of fresh pine filling every cubby spa…

My Testimony

It feels surreal that I'm attempting to gather all the right words to say. That I'm revisiting some of the most significant bits of time. Minutes, hours, days, months, and years that changed the course of my life entirely.  It was senior year of 2011, where I found myself buried under a mountain of hardship, p…

Our Relationship Story

photo by kortni at Before it was us it was we. It was the two of us. You and I. Our unique fairytale, constructed in the upstairs community space of an old brick building. “Common ground” was the turf our hearts connected.  I was seventeen and so were you. Tightly wrapped in skinny jeans and sheltered …


Homemaking. It’s creating and managing a home. The atmosphere. The tone. The long list of to-do’s. Overseeing all the aspects of running a household. Presenting a comfortable and inviting space for all that life will offer inside the special four walls of what you know as home . I think there’s some silly stigma aroun…