Friendly Introduction

Well hey there! I'm so happy you stopped by! My name is Tiffany and I'm the author behind this blog. 

I'm a multi passionate creator with big vision for my little life. I help friends like you, gain deep understanding of your value, remind you of this remarkable gift of your breath, and ring in the special truth that you play an important role in your corner of the world. 

I still seek to find the balance of fitting in and standing out. I'm overly invested in the Truth of the Word and believe in the power it has to transform your life. I stand on the principles of simple living and doing it on purpose. I encourage authenticity and going back for a second brownie. I write words that propel you to become the version of yourself you haven't even met yet.

My joy can be found somewhere in the middle of capturing mundane moments behind an iPhone, venturing the outdoors for too long, and keeping up with my families mountain of laundry. To me, it's reveling over what's now, what's to come, and being able to look back on what was. It's about sharing my experiences while cheering you on in yours.

I take up residence in a cute northern city, I make memories with my three best friends and pet hamster. I'll naturally create conversation about Jesus and real life over big cups of extra hot coffee. It's easy to find me holding a baby on my hip, roaming the beautiful aisles of Target, or with my nose in a book. 

 It's so nice to meet you, friend! Thanks for being here! I'm so glad you are.