Happy Engagement


There he knelt down, like a fairytale story whispering soft, sweet words I never prepared myself for that fourth of July night. "Will you be my wife?" 

My heart tickles at the thought of this special memory that I will store deep in my heart forever. Starting off as a simply casual day spending time with family, turned into a moment that would ultimately change my entire life...and did I mention my last name too?

Here's the inside scoop:

The evening started with a trip to the beach, a shy five-minute drive from my country road driveway. With plenty of blankets packed to set up for an evening of fireworks.

Pebbles of sand grazed the tops of my cotton panda blanket as Brandon positioned it upon the ground beneath. I swear it felt like it had been years since we took the time to spend a romantic night together. Truly feeling like something out of a movie. I soaked in the minutes that quickly turned into an hour.

We enjoyed each others company, giggling and picking out our favorite fireworks during the show. Towards the end, the crowd started dwindling around us. I shuffled my legs to meet one another as I stood with toes in the sand and a heart to the sky. I began to reach down and retrieve everything we had brought. Looks like Brandon had another plan. 

His hands brushing against mine, he grabbed a hold tight and convinced me to run up to the lit up gazebo at the top of the hill overlooking the lake. Brandon knows I'm a sucker for cute walks and pretty views.

As our feet stood on the top of the hill, the entire lake front glistened dark blue hues; fireworks still going off in the distance in the east and in the west. My bags dropped from my hands as Brandon called me over to see the fireworks booming in the distance. 

His arms wrapped around my waist, I couldn't help but admire all the sweet comments he was making to me. I should have prepared myself for what was to come. His hands slowly loosening behind my back, I considered to look behind me to see what caught his attention, but when I did, there he was. Brandon on one knee. The boy I'd known to call my boyfriend for over five years. The most special moment I'll never forget.

With tears rolling down my face and a heart beating uncontrollably, I said yes. From what I gathered from Brandon after, it took me almost three times of him asking before I could actually respond. When I finally did, Brandon placed the most beautiful ring I've ever seen in my life on my not so lonely ring finger. Did I mention after that "yes" came forth from my lips, the final firework of the night went off? My fairytale became a reality.

We are so overjoyed to share our announcement and can't wait to plan our wedding day! We spent time seeking the Lord about this for over a year now and believe it's time to tie the knot. Here we come happily ever after!

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