The Honeymooners Dream


We made it back! Our time away from home was one of the most exciting weeks of our life! Picking out a honeymoon was a struggle. There are so many places we each wanted to go. After a few months of research and multiple late night conversations we decided on going to the Bahamas! Oh, what a tropical sight. 

The honeymoon started off on a Monday morning leaving our small town in New York to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. We checked into our hotel on the marina at the Hilton Inn. For the next two days we spent time adventuring the city, walks to the beach, and late night swims. It was such a wonderful time to be able to not worry about anything but relaxing after we had spent 11 long months planning the biggest day of our lives. 

When Thursday came it was time to head off to Orlando to catch our first ever cruise! Royal Caribbean's Empress of the seas ship was going to be our home for the next four days. The whole first night we cruised through the ocean to where we would wake up the next day in Nassau, Bahamas. We spent our first day snorkeling at the local beach about ten minutes away from our cruise port. We encountered some beautiful colorful surroundings, turquoise waters, and schools of fun fish. 

The next morning our boat had docked overnight so we continued our adventures in Nassau  this time we spent the day visiting Atlantis. This was the most grateful moments I had on the ship. Ever since I was a little girl it was my dream to be able to go see Atlantis and there I was standing on the very walkways of one of the most beautiful resorts in the world. It was a dream. We got to see some of the most exotic animals of the seas, take multiple pictures in front of the gorgeous towers, and walk their very own private beach.

The last place and our final stop was to Coca Cay. This was an island owned privately by the Royal Caribbean fleet. We docked in the middle of the ocean and got to ride on ferry boats that would bring us right to the island. This was a special day because it was my 23rd birthday. I got to spend the whole day walking nature trails and lounging in the sand. This was where we got to see some amazing creatures we've never seen before! As soon as your feet hit the shallow waters of the Atlantic ocean, you would see fish right away. They were everywhere! Brandon even saw a baby shark and got stung by a small jelly fish, but don't worry he is perfectly okay! As soon as we got back to our boat we got dressed up and shared in the excitement of my birthday dinner. Brandon had surprised me with the cutest cake and everyone harmonizing in singing to me during our meal. It was absolutely perfect! 

We we're so sad to have to leave the next morning as we arrived at the Orlando port once more. We flew our that afternoon and prepared ourselves that our fairytale was over. It was back to real life the following day. Although the sadness of vacation ending overwhelmed us, we were so blessed and full of gratitude that we were even able to make it happen. It was truly packed with some of my favorite memories and moments I will never forget. Marriage is awesome!

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