Top 5 Tips For Planning Your Wedding Day


In celebration of Brandon and I's four month marriage mark I couldn't keep my hands away from my laptop in writings of this post. Now let's start by saying in no way am I a wonderfully skilled wedding planner by any means, but I do think after eleven months of planning I have a few tips that may be beneficial for brides to be.

Tip #1: Before you think of the numbers, the dress, or even the cake flavors you can't wait to sample, make time with your spouse! Most couples will skip all the time of being blessed by all those moments you're going to share of being engaged and rush straight into planning. Of course don't get me wrong, it's great to get a head start when planning one of the biggest days of you lives. Although, you have to keep in my mind if you don't take time to appreciate this period of time in your life, you're actually going to get caught up in all the wedding fiascos before they even start to begin.

Tip #2: Ask for help! This is probably one of the most vital pieces of advice I have to share to be used through out this whole process. This is where I made my biggest errors. I've always been the type of person to feel bothersome to others when I ask for assistance, but I'm always first in line when it comes to wanting to be there for everyone else. You have some of the greatest sources already before you even began, friends and family. Make sure to use them; especially if you're going to end up paying for them too. If you spend all your time and energy into every detail of your wedding alone, you'll most likely be more stressed out the closer the days get. Plus, you'll end up missing out on eating a piece of your wedding cake like I did even after I told myself theres no way that could happen...those horror stories are true, oh darn!

Tip #3: Share your opinions with your spouse and consider one another's likes and dislikes. This is where most couples run into problems and the arguments begin. You might know everything you've ever wanted since you the age of seven, but you're fiancĂ© might too. This is an area where you'll learn how to be humble to one another and also see a side of them you might have not before. If you let the topics of wether or not you want the table linens to be white or cream, that conversation can get heated pretty fast. Make sure to talk, but more importantly listen to one another in order to make reasonable decisions based on what each of you can agree on. Marriage is going to bring you together as one, so this is a great learning element into the steps leading up.

Tip #4: When you make a decision, stick to it! Don't get caught up in having everything be absolutely perfect (says the one who made this mistake). Some of the best moments that you experience in life are the unexpected. I can't explain how many choices I had made and than decided half way through that I liked a different idea better. Brandon could back me up on that. This also includes your budget! I sadly have to admit that looking at all those pretty wedding magazines and spending countless hours on Pinterest is actually one of the most dangerous things you could do to yourself through out this season. You won't only be changing your mind every other day, but also the amount of money you're putting into everything as well.

Tip #5: One of the items I couldn't leave my house without for those eleven months was a wedding planner! This is something I feel that every bride will need through out the engagement process. I always suggest to couples they have a dedicated place to put important papers your vendors are going to give you, to do lists for different days of the week, and contact information for important people you'll need to be in touch with. For me, this was a wedding planner. My specific planner even gave you a step by step section on what you'll need to do leading up to the big day. Everything I could possibly need was in there. For someone who was never involved in any weddings before, this was a must for me! I honestly believe I wouldn't have been able to plan as well as we did with out it. 

My last and final tip would be to enjoy the ride! Without a doubt there will be times where you're going to get frustrated and most likely overwhelmed, but I promise in the end when you're married to the person you love, that will be the ultimate reward. Be present in each moment, soak up all the love, and bliss of the celebrations. Don't be constantly in distraction because you noticed one of the balloons at the entrance popped or the flower girl starts crying right before the ceremony (this actually happened). This is why back up plans are always made. No good guest is going to spend time critiquing a day you so thought out for months. Their going to be more in tune with the love thats lighting up the room. Remember what the true meaning behind weddings are.

"Since they are no longer two but one, let no one split apart what God has joined together." 
(Matthew 19:6)

For those couples who have just recently been engaged, congrats to you! Or even for those that truly can't wait to be married one day, I hope you'll find these few tips in planning a wedding helpful. There may be one hundred thousand or even a million posts online on how to plan a wedding, but these are a few to me that I wish someone might have said before the planning process began. I'm here not just writing this behind a computer as another person on the internet, but as your friend, a sister, someone who cares and wants you to feel amazing on your wedding day. 

Have fun and many thoughtful wishes from me to you!

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