Facing Life's Overwhelming Questions

When this topic came across my mind I  believed how nerve quenching it could actually be once I let my fingers start tapping the tips of my five year old macbook keyboard. How most people don't like to speak this deeply into their lives and if they do, it's probably not out loud..or maybe not online at least. Hi, I'm Tiffany and I'm about to do just that.

I think of the moments in our lives, good and bad, to be moments of two different categories. Moments of growth and moments of conquer. In everyday life and reality, everything happens for a reason. There is a purpose. We might not see it now, but we will in time. There might be a lesson to be taught, an age of maturity needing to be met, a battle of defeat of insecurity, or even making a bad choice that sends us in the wrong direction. In all of these moments of life and all the knots in between, we have to come to a conclusion in the end. Where do we go from here? Whats my next step? Those are some of the hardest questions I've asked myself probably a couple of hundred times a week. This is an area where I've struggled. Well, where I still struggle the most. So don't worry, I'm not just coming along for the ride. I'm in this, right by your side.

When you dig deep into those two categories, moments of growth and moments of conquer, what do you think? What words or thoughts cross your mind? Do you think of a beautiful dandelion that blossoms in the spring? Do you think of those little lego sized kings that your nephew might have had when he was at the age of four? No...well I guess that just makes one of us. 
We have to start to understand how powerful these words really are. Let's begin looking into our everyday situations and see where we think we're at right at this moment. Are we overcoming daily struggles or are we developing better mind sets in these experiences? Are we spending all our time in effort into one more than the other? Finding out where we are and where we want to be, is the beginning steps of setting up our life for success. 

For some of us, that first unsteady step we take might be the first step into the right direction of growth. This could apply to any areas in our lives whether it be making a life changing decision or choosing the type of Starbucks frappuccino you want at the drive-thru. The options are endless, but really they are. Have you even heard of the starbucks secret menu now?! We want to focus on making choices that first off please God. We also want to realize that the choices we do make now are the ones that will affect us in time later. Later could be in twenty minutes or even five years. One of the verses that speaks truth into my life is from the gospel of Peter.

2 Peter 3:18 says
"Rather you must grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

The verse right before 18 states a warning. Peter is telling us to stay on our guard so we don't get carried away by errors of the wicked or we will lose our secure footing. Peter is telling us to stay grounded in the truth. He goes on to tell us to grow in knowledge and grace instead. The definition of knowledge is the fact or condition of being aware of something, of having information, or of being learned; having wisdom. The meaning of grace speaks of God's free and unmerited favor towards sinful humanity. Growing in these areas of our life is going to put us in the right mind set of being able to make there overwhelming life decisions.
One thing that we have to keep in our mind along the way is to choose to make a choice. Sometimes there is a middle ground in between growing and conquering. This is the choice of not to choose anything and stay where we are. We don't have our five year goal plan, heck we don't even have our six month one either. I've come to the conclusion, you don't need to stretch yourself thin trying to come up with the next few years of your lives planned out. This might be for some people, but lets face it, sometimes even the detailed plans don't always make it to the final scene of the act. Remembering to push forward and pressing into God in these moments will bring you the peace your soul desperately is longing for. 

Finishing strong with our not so little lego sized king anymore, but those of you who are ready to live as conquerors in your lives. I can't speak in this area with total confidence of my own experiences  because I'm still learning how to do this daily, but I can tell you what I'm learning in the process. I read a quote that sounded a little like this: "if we let our insecurity power over us, it will surely start to control our thoughts." This spoke right to my heart in the areas of my life where I'm struggling this very minute. If we  spend all of our time feeding those words of uncertainty into our minds, we're going to start to believe the lies. Spending our time entertaining those thoughts will suck every ounce of joy right out of you. At that point, you might not be the most fun to be around anymore. I'd know, I've been there. 

Writing down tasks or saying things you want to do is a lot easier before you start taking the right steps in order to do them. Actions did always speak louder than words, am I right? We have to start living in the mind set that we've already conquered situations that arise in our life. God's got it! It sounds too simple for words, but He does. I'm a walking testimony everyday to this. One verse a sweet friend of mine recently brought to my attention was from John.

John 16:33 says
"Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world."

Breaking down this scripture into two parts, trials and overcoming brought me to a spectacular realization. Jesus already knew we were going to face trials and sorrow that we can't even begin to bare, this is why He came. This is why we have a Word of Truth to grab for each and every day. It our sword, He's our conquer. Jesus goes on to say 'stay confident, be courageous during a difficult situation because I've defeated the world.' To know that we're cared for so much, seen in these two simple verses brings such a peace over me today. God spent time to share that He already knew we were going to face heartache, defeat, struggles, and unbearable times. He goes onto tell us to take heart, be a conquer! Are you ready? I know I sure am. Let us stand together, ready up, because we know we can win, since the battle has already been won.

Wherever you might be at this moment, a moment of putting everything you have into climbing that mountain top or maybe you've already reached the highest point. Know that your answers are coming. God will lead you if you make the decision to spend time and follow in His leading everyday. I never miss a chance to take time in spending quality time to invest a relationship with the King. It's amazing to see what He'll start doing in your life. I felt compelled to share the story of what I experienced just earlier last week. I saw a huge migration of birds fly out of a tree in my front yard as I exited my little black jeep after a long day at work. They had just flew out of this tree right in time as I had shut the car door and began to admire how beautiful the sky looked that afternoon. As I watched these birds fly away, I felt as though God spoke to me in words of encouragement that I needed more than ever that day. Those words were 'Tiffany, if I can direct the path of that flock of birds, I can direct the path of your life. Trust in me.' I basked in that moment and soaked up the very beautiful strings of words that were woven together, for me. He's our friend and He always wants us to come out on top! If He's already overcome the world, so will we if He lives in us. I promise there's no better place to be.