Three Easy Tips To Stay Healthy When Eating Out


If you've made it this far, you're most likely like and are always trying to learn tips on how to make the healthiest choices when dining out. The topic came to me one brisk, North Eastern, Tuesday afternoon and grandma was coming to town. It could be just my side of the family, but anytime relatives come to visit, the first six words spoke usually  sound a little like this "which restaurant are we meeting at?". 

Starting mid October, I switched over to a vegan diet. This transition proved to be comfortable and painless for me. Just before making this new change, I was already living a vegetarian life style. 

The real challenge I face the most and maybe you do too, when trying to make healthier decisions dining out is knowing what ingredients are in the food that you are ordering. I didn't expect to be the 'picky' type to ask the waiter a handful of questions or have one specific request to take this or that out of the entree. It's so important to know that it is okay to be specific. These little steps are going to lead you on the right path to start living out your goals. 

So there I was, gathered around my close knit family of four and my grandmother who came to visit. This was my very first time eating at a restaurant as a vegan. It was going to require a little more work than the last time. 

The very first tip I have is the initial step, order yourself a water. This sounds too easy, but according to the American Beverage Association, Americans are consuming more than 54 gallons of carbonated drinks each year. That makes them the most popular beverage in the United States. By choosing water over all other drink restaurants offer, you're increasing your energy (which means more fun conversations), promoting weight loss, flushing out of toxins, improvement of your skin completion (HALLELUJAH!), and saving money! Almost anywhere you go, water can be found on the menu with no cost. You can even add some fresh lemon for extra flavor and even more added health benefits.

My second tip is to take time to look over the menu. Taking a look ahead of time before taking steps into the restaurant door will prepare you ahead of time. Since my diet can be harder to accommodate for at the average restaurant, I find myself taking a few minutes out of the day to view my options. This prepares the mind for better understanding of what they offer and also puts the feeling of a more comfortable dining expereince, knowing you'll be able to order. Most restaurants offer online menus, which means you'll be able to train your brain to make smarter and healthier decisions before you've even leave the comfort of your home. If you choose to stick to the classic way of dining out, use your menu as a guide and follow up with your teacher, (aka waiter) with any questions or changes you need made to best accommodate the lifestyle you live to love your body.

    My final tip to staying healthy when eating out is one you have to try! Bring your own sweeteners or condiments. Truth be told, this very trip to Perkins Restaurant and Bakery, was my first time bringing my own sauce. I'd be lying if I didn't say it was the best decision I ever made. Aiming for an entree that's packed with bold colors and nutritional value, can never go wrong...until the sneaky salad dressings come out to play. That beautiful, spinach and avocado salad just arrived at your table with a new friend. This friend comes with an extra whopping of 200+ calories that will have no positive effect on your body. By bringing you own healthier alternatives to dress or sweeten, your body will be thanking you later. My absolute favorite item to use on just about everything is Coconut Secret, Coconut Aminos. Its a soy free seasoning sauce that will add just enough flavor in a few simple drops, to leave your taste buds fully satisfied. 

Try these three simple steps next time you visit your favorite eatery! They are great stepping stones to learning how to stay healthy while eating out. 

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