Apple Picking In The North East


All the #fallvibes are trickling across the blog today as we settle into chunky sweaters and the cool autumn breeze. Yet again I'm taking the time to introduce another fun tradition of mine and take you along the journey of picking apples! This has to be the highlight of every North Eastern family as soon as the temperature begins to drop. No matter how young or old, this is an activity that never goes out of style. The enjoyment of a big bag of apples being brought home to cook is so satisfying. Did I mention the fun of snacking while you pick is an extra added bonus? 

This year, I jumped out on a limb and decided it was time to begin trying new orchards each time our favorite season rolls around. The idea of discovering new locations and supporting different families had all the feelings of excitement getting tossed around. Before venturing out on this new quest, my family and I had visited over four different prime apple picking spots across New York and Vermont. 2017 makes five as we cross off another one on the list. That place is called the Shelburne Orchards, located in Shelburne, Vermont. With over six thousand trees and a homey feel, there is a reason they're rated 4 stars.

The entrance to the Orchard couldn't have been any cuter! The rustic feel and friendly staff made it easy to snap every photo possible. The smell of fresh hot apple cider roamed the October breeze as we shuffled through the crisp and colorful Vermont leaves.

Before we began roaming the fields, Brandon and I found ourselves snatching every moment we could to get the perfect Instagram worthy photo. We met a little friend while doing so who happened to look like he was enjoying his quiet Monday afternoon too. What a friendly welcome! 

Fun fact; my brother is an excellent juggler and Brandon just began learning how to juggle! This was the perfect opportunity for them to get some practice in, right?

Did you really go to apple picking if you don't document the occasion? We had a little family photo session with Brandon, my beautiful mom, and little brother. 

Incorporating newness into your life is something that doesn't always come naturally. It takes time to learn and effort to achieve. I've always been someone who personally struggled with this area because I would get anxious about everything. Giving this girl more than one choice constantly proved to be a bad idea. Over the years I learned that a refreshing of authenticity and encouragement never hurt anyone. 

"Don't fear change. Change fear."
-Nelson Mandela

Thank you so much for stopping by to read todays post! It's been fun getting the chance to hang out with you! I hope as you leave here, you'll remember to be open to alter your life choices. Stepping into the unknown can be enjoyable if we make it that way! Even if that begins with a teeny tiny change in a yearly tradition location ;) 

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