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Just a few short years ago, you probably would have never caught this girl waking up from a deep slumber before eleven o'clock in the afternoon. This may have had to do with the fact that I was working two jobs while trying to plan a wedding, but I also believe I really wasn't a morning person. Not even in the slightest. I had an opinion about early hours; 

Only old people liked to get up at six am. 

Oh, the tables have turned my friends. I forever cherish the moments of a sunrises and a fresh pot of hot coffee. To me, these are just a few staples to a perfect morning regimen. Having yourself a solid morning schedule is the key to setting the tone of your day and the attitude for what you will accomplish. 
So, here's a little look into what mine looks like.

I'm currently reading the book of Job. My all time favorite way to study The Bible is with the First 5 App by Proverbs 31 Ministires. They have over fifteen different plans to choose from!

This is why I love starting off the day. Quiet time with God is a breath of fresh air. However my day may look that day, I always try to leave at least thirty minutes open in order for me to sit down and study The Word. No matter what's ahead of me, I'm always a happier person! I'll let you in on a little secret too. My husband and I have recently set ourselves a new goal to achieve together. And here it is: God's Word Comes First. Always. 

Far too often have we found ourselves in situations of frustration, anxiety, or just a plain old Negative Nancy moods because we don't start here. Or we lounge around under heaps of blankets, scrolling aimlessly through our cellphones checking emails or social media. For me, this continuously effected the way I felt about my day even before it began. Bringing light to a need for change. A shift of my morning routine.

This is so plain, literally, but I had to include it because it's the very first thing my hands extend for before my feet hit solid ground. Water. Just about everyone who knows me thinks I'm a real life fish. Even though I may be bias here considering this is easily a favorite of mine, we can forget the significance. There are so many health benefits to this simple task. Add a slice of lemon and a few ice cubes and I promise your body will thank you. 

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm an avid coffee drinker yet? Soooo, in this case I really can't ever miss a beat of hydrating before caffeinating!

Coffee speaks for itself and deserves a few minutes to appreciate. I seriously adore sitting down with a mug in hand, taking time to chat with Brandon or reflect and journal. These are moments that can be so easily taken for granted in the grind of life. Get up a little earlier, show yourself some love, and do something you enjoy! For real, it can make all the difference!

We're currently finishing up some of our stud muffin pumpkin spice coffee. My husband and I have had our coffee maker for at least four months now and we are still completely obsessed with it! The options are endless and it even saves us plenty of bucks to keep our little butts out of the coffee shops. Making gourmet joe from home is an experience I wouldn't trade for anything! 

Okay, I totally know this photo is super cheesy! But, this is the real me. When you put Tiffany in front of the camera to pose for some morning routine shots, I show up! This is simply the end result. 

The breakfast menu at the Barrett's is different everyday. This particular morning I took the easy girl route by having some overnight oats. These were delicious and festive! During this time of year, can you guess what's cookin'?! Yup, that's definitely right! Pumpkin spice everything. 

Some of my other favorite breakfast recipes are:
• SMOOTHIE BOWLS! (follow me on instagram for loads of photo stories on these). 
‌• Tone It Up Protein Pancakes.
‌• Avocado Toast
‌• Apples & Peanut Butter
‌• Banana Bread 

Of course a little snuggle time never hurt anyone, right? Y'all, I LOOOVEE getting the chance to show off this incredible man in my life. The face behind my smile, especially the days we get a chance to share the AM hours together. This doesn't always get to happen, but when it does, we take a photo of it! That means it gets to lasts longer I've heard ;) 

A big thank you to this gentleman for taking all the photos and jumping in on all the fun! I'm forever thankful he constantly shows up, consistently believes in me, my dreams, and never gets annoyed trying to take the "perfect shot". 

I love you, Brandon Matthew! 

Behind the scenes exclusive extras. This was definitely our first photo to kick off the morning routine sesh.

Thank you friends for reading this post! It's been so fun getting the chance to hang out with you today! I hope you will take the time to find your perfect routine to fit your morning because you are truly valuable! You're worth it! Discover what makes you feel your best and put your best foot forward. I promise there is nothing better than starting your day off right! 

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