My Twenty Eighteen Goals


There is an excitement ready to burst inside, eagerly ready to see what God will do this year.

In twenty seventeen, I blossomed into the person I am today and I grew undeniably in all areas. I found myself, discovered my passions, and I was re-awakeneded to my worth and value of life. This year, I'm beginning to feel stirred in another direction. One that is bigger. One that is bolder.

This is the year The Barretts will SOAR.

Let me back up the train just a little bit and give you some insight on the why behind the what. 

Every new year is a tradition now that Brandon and I prayerfully consider what will represent our year. Specifically a word is involved to consider in representing what we fix our focus on. This helps prepare our hearts and minds as we navigate towards another year of growth.

A new year, the same hope.

Let's go on an adventure, can we?
I want to take you into my personal goals for the year. 
This is your front row seat to get inspired for what the next twelve months has to offer. 

In 2018 I want to,
  • Rejoice ALWAYS.
  • Live a life of Worship.
  • Find a healthy balance. 
  • Have a thriving marriage.
  • Give myself the gift of grace.
  • Work with passion and whole heartedly. 
  • Speak words of life and encouragement.
  • Use my gifts and passions to continue to serve a bigger purpose.

Soar; increase rapidly above the usual level. Maintain without using power.

It has been decided that when storms rage, we will use these hardships to lift us even higher because we can overcome. This is what soaring is all about. It's now that time for new heights and elevation in new places.

The answer lies in a simple adjustment to the right focal place. No matter if 2017 was a good year or a bad one, this is your year to shine. What you chase now is what is most important because you can't change your past, but you are the influencer to make choices towards your future. If not now, when? 

There's never been a more inspirational moment to capture your thoughts and take moments to reflect. Create a vision and tuck your values close to your heart. It will take work, but behind that door is something beautiful awaiting your perseverance. 

"Where you see it now, is not where it started."
-Steven Furtick

Thank you so much for stopping by to read today's post! It's been fun getting the chance to hang out with you! I hope as you leave here, you've found encouragement to create steps in the right direction. You are worthy and you are valuable. You are deserving of the best life. Be bold, be brave, and hold nothing back. 

This is your time to grow in faith, thrive in freedom, live gracefully, channel your purpose, and develop a sense of confidence to walk out, knowing that you are wonderfully made. 

Twenty eighteen is going to be unlike any other.

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