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Yipppe! Karon's nursery tour is here and I couldn't be more excited to share the little space we created for him to grow and build memories in. It's crazy to think that just last year this room was the optimal home office space from Brandon and I. The office (aka two desks) resides in our room until further notice. 

When we first found out we were pregnant, the idea of the nursery didn't come along until about mid-way before his birth. There was so much going on in our personal lives already that the thought of getting started to design a room kind of sat on the back burner for a little bit. I won't lie though, I did have a Pinterest board started and I began dreaming up the color scheme, art pieces, and elements that would bring this space to life. 

We wanted to keep the theme very neutral and cohesive with the rest of our home decor. We choose white (if you know me, this is a no brainer), grey, green, and light wood elements to tie it all together.  We also added little pops of color with fun elements like books, blankets, and signs. As we continue to endeavor in parenthood, I know more of those fun items will show up along the way.

As little pieces of the room came together here and there, the most important thing to us was the items that would make the cut were ones that would last. Things Karson wouldn't simply outgrow like the cute newborn diapers he used to fit in just last week (oh, mama!).

With that idea at the forefront, we choose this Babyletto 3 in 1 convertible crib that will keep us going all the way into his toddler years. I remember those late nights, going back and forth on a few different cribs (like any first time parent would, right?) before we took the plunge and decided this was it. Big investments and decisions have always made me nervous, but everything is different when it's your child. It's like next level. 

Shortly after it arrived we were happy to say the least and got setting it up right away. Thanks, Brandon! Dad always pulls through.

One of my all time favorite parts about Karon's room is these beautiful prints from LILAxLOLA's Etsy Shop! I was instantly in love with the versatility of her wall art. We knew we wanted something trendy and fun, so these pieces couldn't have been more right for the space.

I had about 6 items in my cart before shifting my attention to my husband for his artistic opinion. Let's face it, it's just too hard to decide on so many cute animals! After all was said and done we went with the giraffe, fox (Brandon's favorite!), and elephant. 

Did I mention the process is a breeze too? I received the prints in my inbox immediately after purchase and off to the printing center they went! Shoutout to Walgreens because your coupons always rock! They came out great and we adore how they look right above his crib. And yes, everything has been safely secured too.

One of the best corners of the room is where you'll most likely find this mama hanging out and that's simply because it's the best seat in the house. LITERALLY. This Nursery Glider is crazy comfy and sways like a dream. I'll be the first to say, it's totally husband approved. 

This was one of the sweetest surprises gifted to us at my baby shower in mid September. Our hearts full of gratitude, this chair is one of Karson's favorite places. Whether for mid-day story time, bed time rocks, or what I like to think is his favored hobby, feeding! There has and will continue to be many memories built here as we watch him grow more and more every day.

The color "Flax" was the ideal color to tie in with the style our nursery and literally any nursery being created. It's neutral and is makes a great base to start working those creative muscles when it comes to accent pieces like decor pillows or blankets. 

We had our eye on this dresser even prior to becoming new parents. It's probably because it's something that I can see fitting nicely in our bedroom too might I add. And for that exact reason I love this piece even more. It's flexible all around! It'll work for any space in the home.

The storage game just got real. Each drawer is full of space and has the capacity to fit all of our little guy's needs. Diapers, wipes, clothing, you name it. The other perk is the area on top. It's big enough to host a changing table, diaper necessities, and other nicknacks of your choosing. It's just the right size for this side of his room.

Quick back story - we went to the Ikea in Canada looking for this dresser and found it in the sale department already built for $100.00 off the original price! We were overjoyed and also a little nervous it might not fit in our car. Good news, it did and made it home even after a flat tire. There's so much joy hidden behind that last sentence. 

Because the details are important too, right? 

The changing pad cover is little unicorn, but we found it at Tj Max. There's some awesome deals roaming around there these days. Really awesome. We also love this round decorative mirror from Target. Does it count as an obsession if we have one of them in each bedroom of our home?

The elephant is from Target  //  I love you more than the stars sign can be found at Hobby Lobby  //  Fake greenery was purchased at Ikea  //  Fake fig leaf tree is also from Hobby Lobby  //  Curtains & rod were found at Target  //  Wooden bookshelf is from Ikea

About every nook and cranny is taken up here with the big elements, but we can't forget the small components either. 

Next to our oh so loved glider, you'll find all of baby k's stuffed animals and extra swaddles. This makes it easy access for mom in a pinch. We were gifted all of the items at our baby showers.

My love for this adorable white pouf is real. We came across it while scooping out the premise of one of my favorite stores, Home Goods. I can attest to finding some of our most treasured items when we weren't even looking for them. Again on the deals. This item was over HALF OFF of what I saw online.

And finally, Karson spends a lot of his free awake time playing with this wooden gym we purchased off of Amazon. Who can pass up free two day shipping when you're eagerly awaiting your baby to arrive? We found this rug that fits excellently under his play gym on our Ikea expedition as well. 

It's the biggest joy getting to watch our little one hit his memorable milestones. The place we would come into at night and pray before his arrival. The space we have the opportunity to spend time together getting to know about Karson every day. Thank you God for this season. This has to be one of my favorite places in the whole house.

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