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There is nothing sweeter than bringing your sweet newborn into the world after nine long months of anticipating the arrival of this new bundle of joy. The idea of feeling fully prepared for this next season may never be completely fulfilled, but let's be honest, that's okay. There's a saying that goes around town in which indicates "you'll never be totally prepared for what's next", but hey, a girl can try, right? 

That's exactly what I'm here to share today! All the newborn stuff that Brandon and I as new parents found essential after baby Karson's big debut. My hope is that it eases any overwhelming places within your heart, the easy trap of that familiar comparison game, or the very real what do I really need reaction that you are or might find yourself walking in.

Heres a list of all my newborn essentials:

Sleep, eat, change. Eat, sleep, change. Eat, sleep, change. This is the simple routine that will easily fill up your daily grind. With that being said, some of the most important items seem simple at best.


  • Basinet - we were grateful to receive this as a gift from my parents about halfway through our pregnancy. Baby K's bed goes right beside me at night for accessible feedings, easy diapers, and peace of mind. This is the exact one he sleeps in.
  • Snuggle Me - let's start out by saying this one is personal preference. I could not leave it out because this is something we use in our life every single day...and night. The best part about this is that it keeps baby in place on their back naturally while also providing a snug feeling of security. You can find it here
  • Swaddles - whether you know how to use one now or after your baby arrives, you will learn. And yes, it looks totally intimidating when you see someone who has been swaddling babies for years achieve this baby burrito, but mama I promise it get's easier! And if you're not about that life, there are a multitude of options for velcro or zip up swaddles that will make those first few weeks just a little bit easier for you. We have a variety of each and the one we found most success with was the love to dream swaddle. Karson has a crazy suck reflex and this product allows him to be able to have access to his hands.
  • Sound machine - when Karson came home for the first night after our stay at the hospital, we jumped on the idea of sound for the simple reason of adaptability. He had just spent nine months in what he knew as his safe place and we wanted to incorporate that into his new living space outside of the womb. To this day he sleeps best with it. His sound machine fit's perfectly with his nursery theme and includes several different options for different sounds. 
  • Baby monitor - this is an item that we didn't get right off. Since we were going to be with our newborn almost all the time, snuggling, holding, or just close by, we didn't see the need to be a high one. Shortly after settling in as Karson started sleeping happily on his own a few times during the day, we realized it was time to monitor him if either of us needed to step away (yay, showers). With that being said, we have an old iPad that made it convenient to use while we did some research on what monitor we would invest in. This simple tip will save you in a pinch if you don't already own a baby monitor! Grab your iPad or extra mobile device and then FaceTime yourself or someone else on their device. Put it right in front of your baby safely and wala, you have a monitor at no extra cost! The monitor Brandon ended up purchasing and we now use can be found here.
  • Boppy - THIS CHANGED EVERYTHING. Having a feeding pillow aided me into learning how to breastfeed correctly and comfortably - two things you'll love as you enter motherhood. Knowing that your baby is eating enough and doing it accurately couldn't be more important. I love this product even more to this day as we've established a good routine.
  • Bottles - are you pumping or deciding to do formula? These will need to be in your mama / daddy arsenal. The most important thing to remember is that your babies health is your number one priority. One of my favorite ways to bond with baby K is through feeding and it's really important to me that my husband, Brandon got to experience that too. We prefer glass so we added the Philips event natural baby bottle  to our registry when creating it. We also have come to really like the Olababy bottles. Both have worked well for Karson and he took to them right away. Stay tuned for what breast pump I used coming up next!
  • Breast pump - I was able to receive a free pump through my insurance. This is a huge money saver if you have access to it! The one we received is this Medela and so far it has worked great! The entire process was smooth and easy. I adore all the pumping accessories, the portable bag, and how simple it is to keep plugged in for late night or early morning pumping sessions. 
  • Diapers & wipes - we went through roughly 200 newborn diapers. Our favorite brands are The Honest Company and Water wipes. Can we talk about how these diapers have the cutest prints? And these wipes are the ones to beat. They're the best ones we've come across yet and will not be switching anytime soon.
  • Travel changing clutch- this is something every travel lover dreams of. Let's say it sure comes in handy anytime you're out and about. For sanitary purposes this was an important item for us. I also appreciated the benefit of having everything in your pouch for quick access. Diapers, creams, wipes, and supplies coming up! Here is one similar to the one we recieved.

  • Lotions / ointments / creams - staple. These are those friendly "just in case" products you might find yourself reaching for more in the first few months of life as your little one adapts to the world around them. We include lotion into Karson's night routine to keep his sweet ol' baby skin extra soft. We also use the Burt's Bees multi purpose ointment in his diaper as a protective barrier for any potential long night sleep (insert prayer hands here).  I really think this has made a difference in the minimal diaper rashes he's experienced since being born. 
  • Outfits - this is a common one, but I couldn't forget to include it. You'll most likely get more than enough of these gifts at baby showers, from friends, and family. Those twenty onsies, yeah the ones that are all the same color and style, will come in handy when you don't have time to do laundry or maybe an unexpected blowout. Real life people. If you're expecting to have a newborn in the cooler months of the year, layering is important too and you will most likely use them more than you anticipated! Some of my favorite clothing items are from Lucy lue organics.
  • Baby bath - unless you're a second time parent, have had previous experience, or all around rocking out the confidence of having a newborn, I would highly recommend investing in a portable bath. That way you can bath you're baby where ever you are most comfortable - the sink or the bathtub itself. We used this one, but found that it has worked better for our little guy now than when he was smaller. 
  • Baby washcloths - something specifically created to keep the gentle skin of your baby squeaky clean. We adore the authenticity of the Burt's Bees brand so we ordered theirs off of Amazon. Who else get's excited about free two day shipping? 
  • Baby wash / shampoo- of course you'll also need to purchase some sort of baby cleaner. Something natural and safe for your newborn. A few brands for wash that I like include Burt's Bees, Shea Moisture, and Honest. The smell of a fresh washed baby is just the best!
  • Laundry detergent- remember those blow outs we talked about a little earlier? The ones where you'll end up really desperate for all those extra onesies, yeah, this product goes hand in hand with those circumstances. You'll need something that is specifically designed for your baby's delicate skin. How do you think their skin stays that soft and plush? I cannot emphasize enough about the safety of your products for a healthy household. We use the Young Living Thieves laundry detergent for all of Karson's and our clothes. That way we feel most confident that whether he's wearing his clothes or lounging with us, his well-being is covered.
  • Portable car seat & stroller combo- you're going to make the investment of a car seat and to me it makes the most sense to grab the package deal while you can. This is one item you'll need for trips to the store, visits to grandparents houses, or fun family adventures as you watch your little one grow. When I say we LOVE ours that's really just an understatement. We use it at least once a day. Well I guess I'd say that depends on the north eastern weather of course.
  • Carseat cover- what a beautiful thing. Not only did we feel more comfortable bringing Karson out when he was confined to his own space, but also it was enjoyable knowing that he was able to nap peacefully without the affects of life around him. The other plus is that you don't have to worry about playing around with extra blankets to cover your babe from the car to the inside because of snow or rain. I adore this copper pearl one.
  • Diaper bag- mama's and dad's are going to appreciate this one from here on out! Your whole image of getting out of the house will be flipped upside down after having a baby. At least that's what we found to be true. That "quick" trip to Target now requires extra care and attention. Having a diaper bag makes all the difference. You'll have everything you need in one spot for all your babies needs. We always have one of ours by the door packed and ready to go that way it's quicker to get out the door while also knowing we're prepared. I had my eyes on this one long before we even found out we were pregnant. 
  • Solly baby wrap - calling all baby wearers - this one is by far my favorite! An item I couldn't imagine living without. At home or away, we always try to have a sling on us because we absolutely enjoy wearing baby Karson as much as possible. There's several benefits to it as well. It strengthens the bond and aids in development, physically and emotionally to name a few. Let's be real, I wanted all the shades and patterns this company had to offer, but finally decided on the color "camel".
  • Nail clippers- two words, baby nails. It's a little sad to say, but this is one I haven't mustered up the positivity to do on my own even after four months. Dad rocks at it though! Brandon should definitely put this on his future resume. Cutting precious baby nails is intimidating and quiet nerve-racking at first especially if you haven't done it before. I'm more of a nail file kind of gal, but either route you choose they'll be a ton of choices out there to keep your child's nails in tip top shape. We found the best of both world and ordered these.
  • Nasal aspirator- baby sniffles and snuffles are always the cutest. Then again though, what isn't cute about them? We choose the NoseFrida to clear any stuffy noses and meet all of Karson's hygienic needs. I like the disposable filters because it's proven to prevent germs and makes the whole process seamless. Baby K actually loves it because it makes a little whistle sound when you blow into it. Side note: this is how I discovered his love for whistling sounds!
  • Nursing bras / tanks - mama this ones for you! If you plan to breastfeed, you'll want to snag a couple of these. They make life just a little easier while you adjust to your new lifestyle. You might end up liking this one as much as I do. Highly recommend.
  • Baby book -last but certainly not least is something I think every family will treasure forever. You'll want to document all your favorite milestones. We have this baby book and it's the perfect combonation of modern, fun, and timeless. 
For those expecting and those anticipating to have a family one day, I hope you find this post to be helpful when prepping for the journey ahead.

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