5 Amazing Things You'll Learn As A New Parent


This life of three has officially grown me in unimaginable ways. Cliche and I'm all about it because it's the truth. Brand new ways that would eventually start to make sense. A process that would bring clarity and become a normal routine. My present day regime was starting to fill up with poopy diapers, story time, late night feedings, overly adorable smiles, and constant change..for the both of us.

Little did I know even when I thought I knew, this lifestyle would push me past the limitations that once had felt far beyond my capacity. It would bring me places I couldn't have gone without the experience of motherhood. A beautiful, unique, and chaotic adventure that totally requires naps.

"You're doing it right", I'd have to tell myself over and over after giving birth to Karson.

Let's be real though, I still catch myself reaching for these same words when my confidence grows weak. Parenthood is truly the most meaningful, rewarding, selfless, and hard working positions there is in this life. It's full of emotion. A journey that may feel completely overwhelming at first, but full of moments you don't want to miss. Kisses, cuddles, and midnight snuggles. Tears, fears, and nothing short of extravagant love.

To say I've learned a lot about myself during this transition as a new parent would be an understatement. It's as if the qualities I possessed before grew and grew, just like the baby in front of you. Can we take a second to appreciate my sense of Dr.Seuss peaking through in that last sentence? I'm usually not very funny and like to celebrate the moments I can come up with something like that on the spot. Insert eye roll here. Okay, thanks, moving right along.

The first thing I've grasped and I think you'll grasp too is grace. A deeper kind of grace that surpasses your understanding. One that will increase for yourself, your spouse, and your baby. It's a learning experience for each of you and it's important to remember that along the way.

Next, is my favorite, patience. So, I say that with a little humor because it's not particularly a quality I'm good at. It's a characteristic I'm always praying for. Seeking out to practice. I want to add it to my mama arsenal, but I have to put in the work. You will too. Remember how I mentioned you'll grow in ways you couldn't have imagined? You got this...well unless you already have it.

You'll also come to discover that no is not a bad word. Okay, can someone drop a mic please? This lesson has been the most difficult one yet. I personally don't think it fits into our culture today. Public service announcement: it's not crazy to keep margins in your life. It's actually healthy. As a first time parent you have different priorities now. Your finances change, your days look different, and sometimes your biggest accomplishment will be taking a shower. And friend, you'll have to say no to do just that.

This next one emphasizes on everything we've chatted about. Positive perspective. If you haven't already gained this insight, it's a powerhouse to carry with you in every area of life. When you've ran that race set before you and yet you still stand unaware of what step to take next, shift your interpretation. Use it to your advantage by altering the language. Instead of I can't figure this out try I'm going to learn something new in the end. Let it grow you as you step into each new learning experience. I truly believe perspective changes everything.

And finally, condfidence. One that is catered by and for new life. It may feel hidden in a circumstance, but is always at your disposal. You just have to reach for it. It's a kind of confidence driven by parental instinct that only you will know. You were made for these moments. You are the best momma or papa for this child. And let me do the honor to share one simple, yet extravagant reason, God gave them to you. So even in those circumstances when you need a little boost of faith, hold on to the simple truth: this journey is yours. Designed for you. And remember to embrace every part of it. Every beautiful, unique, and chaotic adventure.

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  1. You, my dear girl, have *it*....that Proverbs 31 inner beauty. More precious than rubies...that elusive grace and gentle wisdom that can only come from a life lived in obedience to God and by guidance and inner presence of the Holy Spirit. You are God's-girl in every way.


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