Autumn Hearts


The secrets out! Theres been a little something that's been going on behind the scenes around here and I finally cannot wait to share it with you today! I've been dreaming a dream. A dream that didn't start here, but long before as I've constantly longed for outlets to share and inspire creativity in someone like you. What better way than to start at the core of some of the most special moments we share, memories.

It's been a dream of mine to create, write and design. To bring joy, light hope, and inspire you to live a life you love. Personally, socially, uniquely, beautifully, and everything in between. Like a pumpkin spice latte, Autumn Hearts is the perfect fall addition to your everyday photos. The Heart To Home Shop is officially underway and I can't thank you enough for joining me on this journey. Everything you see below is ultimately God's faithfulness.

So let's talk presets. You might be asking yourself that question, "what is a preset anyway?". I'm happy to share that with you, friend! Presets are configurations of settings, designed to achieve a certain look to your photo. With one click, your photo is filtered to achieve the tones you desire. You'll edit with speed, consistency, and style using the free Lightroom mobile app with the click of a button. To me, it's like having a professional photographer in your back pocket. Well, that's if you keep your phone in your back pocket like I do.

With this collection, you'll receive five beautiful presets: Gather, Harvest, Leaves, Bloom, and Boo. Right away you'll have instant access on your mobile device to start your own creation. Check out these before and afters from my personal photo album. I just adore autumn in the Adirondacks. What would you say?

I've aspired to be in this place to extend a personal invitation to you to get inspired, have confidence, and start bringing your special memories to life. Are you ready? Autumn Hearts launches Friday, October 18th at 12PM and I can't wait for you to get your hands on them! When you invest in this collection, you're investing in the future of the Heart To Home Shop and in a family. Preorder Autum Hearts today!

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