Karson's First Birthday


There is certainly something special about planning a first birthday party. Our sweet son turned one in October and I can confidently say that this was surely the fasted year of life. I knew I'd fall down the trail of looking back on the thousands (literally thousands, not kidding people) of moments captured over his first 365 day experience.

I usually chuckle at the thought that most people think I have a niche for party planning when in reality, I just like pretty things. The preparation and organizational work that's set up behind the scenes deserves due credit to a very few wonderful people and bring visions to life. I'd like to say I'm just the dreamer, but I'm learning to play the crucial role of arranging the details too.

As first time parents, of course we fantasized about that bittersweet day when Karson would dance on over to toddlerhood. It was months before that we shuffled through the ideas of what theme we would settle into. The options were endless.

Scroll, scroll, scroll.

By now the entirety of Pinterest's "One year old birthday party" pins cascaded for miles down my camera roll. Back and forth we went on what felt like too many cute ideas to pass. As soon as I think we came to a decision, something new would pop in my head or across my screen and that was it. Giving voice to yet another option. This is where I publicly declare I have the most wonderful husband around. He's always been so kind to support me through all the indecisive idea swaps. Trust me, there's been quite a few in our ten years of togetherness.

Eventually we came to the end of the story and parked on an theme. One that was always there and simply fit just right.

Plot twist: it was the first one we originally decided on in the beginning stages of prepping. Isn't this usually how it works or is that just us?


What really closed the deal was how instilled this theme was in our sons character and it just couldn't match his personality any better. He is full of life, exploding with joy, and has a pretty incredible, fierce love for fun! It was the perfect match.

Like I mentioned previously, with the help of some important friends who really are family, we were able to celebrate Karson's first birthday in an unforgettable way!

Balloons  /   Gift Tent   /   Birthday Crown   /   Cookie Cutters   /  Cups   /   "One" Balloon   /   Wild One Bingo   /   Cake Topper   /   Invitations

We're a family who believes in reduce, reuse, recycle again and again so I have to shine light on a little secret. A lot of the decorations that came together were either DIY or repurposed from what we already have at home. This is what it's always with us because no doubt will it fit our style and save time plus extra costs in the long wrong. WIN, WIN!

Let me share some content:

We made a one year of Karson board with a simple piece of white cardboard found at the dollar store, eleven photos ordered online, some scissors, and double sided tape. Wala. His highchair banner was a $3 plain banner tucked in the front of Target's best buys section and some inexpensive sticky letters I only wish I could remember where I found. Boom. And finally, the welcome board at the front of the door was a piece of wood my dad found and with a splash of paint become what we envisioned it would.

To say the least, this irreplaceable celebration will simply not be forgotten, but forever cherished. Thank you to everyone who was apart of this beautiful day and were apart of any way, big or small to make it happen. Our hearts could not be more full. We'll see what Karson's 2nd birthday has in store! 

Happy 1st Birthday, baby boy!

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