Mother's Day Memories


Documenting special moments that will soon be cherished memories have always been important to me. It brings me back to my childhood journal that encompassed countless remembrances. Mother's Day evening, my sweet friend and I were conversing about what our days looked like, giving light to emotions and significant instances.

"Do you plan on writing about it to look back on one day?" she questioned.

Then I got thinking. Yes. I absolutely should. Why wouldn't I? I've slipped away from journaling in this past season, but oh this is what I needed to hear to fill my heart with passion again to record these days. And this y'all is why I love conversation.

Sunday, May 10th, 2020.

I woke up to the smell of home made waffles, fresh flowers, and the sweetest gifts. "Happy Mothers Day" our black letter board read. The cutest "mama" card, a thoughtful poem, an adorable painted photo frame, and some of my favorite tea awaited my arrival that morning. My boys absolutely know how to make me feel loved.

Opening the cards you'd think I'd be a mess and yes, you'd be correct. Words impact me. They shape me. Syllables uniquely crafted together alongside pen marks from baby boy. Ugh, there's just nothing like it. Overwhelmed with appreciation.

This special day in celebration of the women with all different experiences, but with the same nurturing heart, and the irreplaceable ones we call "mom" in our lives is a soft spot for me. A tender wound that is still healing in the recent lost of my own mama bear. The day is different for me in that way. Not getting the same experience I was connected to the past twenty five years. It's different now, but my optimistic personality guides me to be thankful for each of those 9125 days we did get to share. And to have the honor to look to be cared for and cherished by countless women in my life is a gift that never stops giving.

You may say snobby, but I say helpful. Originally when Mothers Day was inching close, Brandon expressed interest on ideas of things I might want to do that day. Of course I show up with my little list of Pinterest worthy ideas, thank you very much. Okay, maybe not exactly, but I did utter the words "I have two requests", ending in a chuckle. Not evil at all, I swear.

A girl simply wants two things in life, ice-cream and picnics. Well this girl did that day at least. Sad to share neither of them worked out with the weather in Northern, New York. Although I'd say it was even better that I get to brag about how creative and kind my husband, Brandon really is.

That afternoon, the sound of rain pelting down filled the air as I walked down the stairs to a surprise living room picnic, full atmosphere and all. Forever a memory etched in my heart and a picture I'm excited to have captured. Cozy blanket, the sound of birds (thanks smart TV's) sandwiches, and rounds of water for everyone. It couldn't be more perfect.

As that day rolled along, we enjoyed little moments of together. Reminiscing about memories of becoming parents just last year was simply the best and giving space to the tender parts of our souls flagged for healing at the loss of my mom meant a lot to me. It's always been the little things that leave a big mark on me.

The perfect chef wrapped our day up with a delicious meal, complete with dinner and dessert. Okay, does anyone prefer dessert before dinner? I'd hate to think I'm the only one with the biggest sweet tooth around here. Really though, Brandon's vegan chocolate pie has yet to be beat. It's full of flavor and densely packed with a whole bag of dairy free chocolate chips. It's probably good this only shows up on special occasions.

Documenting life has never stopped holding a special place in my list of passions. A memory bank characterized by words. Treasures to hold on to as life slips into the next season and the next and the one after that. Giving ourselves the gift to explore times shared with family and friends, loved ones, and even us independently. An editorial for the visuals captured in a moment. A moment to be remembered.

This simple question from a close friend that day really reminded me of what I've forgotten to cling close to over the years as life claims to get busier and busier. "Do you plan on writing about it to look back on one day?". Yes, I say. And what about you? Will you stop the cycle of moving to cherish the significance of remembering? Will you journal your experiences? Ponder on good days and not so great ones? Give yourself the freedom to feel and to log those emotions. Because I bet you and I will both discover that we're glad we took a little time to pour back into our life in this unique way.

My hope is that this inspires you to record some of your own day to day living. There's something so special about getting to relive our life when we revisit our stories.

This year and every year, my heart is full. Completely grateful to be your biggest supporter, loudest cheerleader, imperfect teacher, and loving nurturer Karson. I am forever thankful to be your mama.

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