To My Husband On Fathers Day

Dear Brandon,

I never could imagine I could love you more than I ever had, but then you became a dad. A father to our sweet boy in twenty eighteen. Every part of my heart grew as I watched you step into a role that simply couldn't be anymore perfect for you. A man of integrity, joy, compassion, strength, and total fun. You always had it in you even before we met our boy.

I watched as you showered our little babe with love and constantly arrive for those 2:00am hungry cries. I witnessed you say no to hot coffee on too many occasions and always put our son first. I see you laugh, I see you smile, I see you learn, and I see you show up everyday with a smile to let Karson know that you will always be there. I see it all.

And even before I witnessed you adore this little one here, I watched as you were smitten with him as he quietly grew inside of me. Rarely missing a night singing to him, reaching your hands out at every kick, and praying over each of us. Cooking on my behalf more than I can count, assisting or maybe laughing at me as I struggled to put on my shoes as we ended the third trimester, and showing unconditional support as I grew our child. I'll remember every way you showed up then and every way you show up today.

I'll never forget the way you lit up October 30th, 2018 when you and I met Karson for the first time. I'll never forget the countless times you swaddled him to sleep or the way you ran when he cried. I'll never forget how you snapped all the videos so not a memory was missed and stayed up late hours to purée food.

I'll always remember the way you caught him when he fell, kissed every boo-boo, and never missed bath time. The way that you play for hours by his side and dance with him to all of his favorite songs. The way you give him 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and maybe even 5th chances with grace and humility. His smile is bigger because of you. My heart, well that’s forever full because of who you are to us.

And to our littlest love that was born into the beauty of heaven, I watched you care for them the twelve special weeks we shared together. Always together. Us, a family of four, forever. They caught your breath at the moment we shared in the news. They observed your strength as you carried us from the very beginning. You never stopped celebrating even in our darkest nights and you reminded our family that Jesus is always close, weaving each part of our story until the very end. Holding me close,  holding us near until our hardest “see you soon” came. Through every up and down, you never change.

We have so much to thank you for and an entire lifetime of love for you.

Happy Father's Day <3