DIY Advent Calender


I was sitting on the edge of December when I realized that we didn't have a advent calendar. We didn't have any monthly plans. We didn't have any of the expectations rolling out that I was originally anticipating. And we definitely had a very active and constantly full of life two year old who has so much appreciation for our daily surprise activities.

What we did hold though was just enough - a knack for creativity. I believe wholeheartedly that it lives within everyone. Yes, even you.

So instead of hopping online to spend any additional money this holiday season and get that Advent calendar I felt was be missing, I sat and let my mind wander. Roam with creativity. Those few minutes turned quickly into action and I began designing something one material at a time.

This DIY project is one I think that you are going to love for a lot of different reasons. It's special because it's totally unique to you, your dreams, your family, your traditions, and your style. It's purposeful because it's time set aside to be artistic, original, and imaginative. It's fun because you can grab some friends or family and make it a yearly activity for the most magical time of year. It's also affordable because the majority of materials you'll want to have is your time. 

If you want to recreate an advent calendar that's most accurate to the one I'm sharing, you'll need just about 4-5 items that are most likely in your home right now.

1. Brown craft paper - I purchased ours from Michaels. Fun fact: this was just extra wrapping that we had on hand for gifts. It's imperfectly and lovingly covered in paint on the back from one of our craft activities the day before. Who said you can't be multi-purposeful too? 

2. A pen - If you know me extremely well, you'll know that my preference is black ink pens and I adore the sensitive, calligraphy styles that instantly leave marks on your paper. That's not for everyone, so grab your favorite writing utensil and go for it!

3. A ruler or extra piece of paper - Technically you don't need this item, but it can be aesthetically helpful if you like straighter lines and more precision. I simply used an extra piece of paper and measured a rough estimate of frames I envisioned creating with my knuckles. This is where you can get as professional and detailed as you'd like as you mimic open space squares of a calendar. 

4. Circle scratch off stickers - These came from an "catch all" folder in my desk from the extra DIY we did at Karson's first birthday bash last year. They are gold circle shaped scratch off stickers that can be found on Amazon with a simple search. 

5. Twine - Another Christmas goodie that was lingering at reach. We purchased this twine from Hobby Lobby to use for gift giving this year and it was the perfect last addition to wrapping up this project perfectly!

Now for those few simple directions.

1. Start by cutting out the craft paper to the dimension you'd like the calendar to be. While you're determining size placement, you'll want to also want to consider if you want your calendar vertical or horizontal. 

2. Begin crafting lines to make a 5x7 squares calendar matching your preference on measurements. I eyeballed this as I mentioned and you'll witness the proof in some of the close up photos :)

3. Mark numbers 1-25 in the designated spots that correspond with the days of the week. 

4. Write down the advent surprises, activities, gifts, etc for each one of the twenty five days.

5. Place a scratch off sticker over your writing on each day.

6. Poke or punch two small holes at the top of the calendar and string a small piece of twine through them, connecting by tying a firm knot at the top.

7. Hang your calendar, add any of your favorite additional decor, and snap a photo to tag me on Instagram! 

I can't wait to see what you create! Thanks for letting me play a small role in helping you create your own DIY advent calendar where each of those special memories will unfold in your home this holiday season. Counting it as a joy! 

Merry Christmas, friends.