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Tiffany is a multi-passionate, bible believing, baby carrying, wife giving, friend loving, coffee sipping entrepreneur who believes in the power of perspective. She is convinced that your "yes" can unlock what it means to walk in true contentment so that you can spend less time scrolling and more time fulfilling your unique purpose. Tiffany lovingly shares what she's learned along her journey so she can come alongside of you on yours.
Showing posts from June, 2021

The Biggest Lesson Motherhood Has Taught Me

photo by Kortni at: There’s an abundance of things I could say about motherhood. That I can imagine sharing with you if we were sitting on my well loved, totally cozy, and not so white anymore sectional. Above all, I’d be genuine with you. I’d be real. I wouldn’t gloss over the harsh re…

How I Plan Our Weekly Meals

There’s this thing about habits. The habitual things we do week in and week out. They are quick to form routines in our lives and ones that can help us be effective. To enjoy, maintain, love, and respect the time we have. One of the weekly routines we have in the Barrett home is meal planning. It’s my responsibility a…

27 Things I've Learned By 28

There's always been this stigma about getting older. Like it's not fun and no one ever really wants to share their age. Am I right?      Well hey, my names tiffany and I'm genuinely excited to turn 28 years old today.      Reflecting on another year around the sun has always been something I enjoy. Reflect…

Myles Birth Story

photo by kortnimaria May 14th, 2021 - it was the night before birthing, and all through the house, every human was stirring, yes even the mouse. Okay, but really, things may have been stirring up in our house as the anticipation of your arrival was surely felt. The truth is, there’s been this little dream secretly kep…