How I Plan Our Weekly Meals

There’s this thing about habits. The habitual things we do week in and week out. They are quick to form routines in our lives and ones that can help us be effective. To enjoy, maintain, love, and respect the time we have.

One of the weekly routines we have in the Barrett home is meal planning. It’s my responsibility and I actually really enjoy doing it! This is a game changer for a multitude of reasons. Purposes like maintaining a healthy budget, making our days easier, and yes even helping me get meals quicker to my energetic toddler too. 

If you’ve never planned your weekly meals, you’re probably wondering “where do I start?”. And that’s a great question! You’ll discover your own unique practice that works for you as you show up every week to create your list. My hope is that sharing my agenda will inspire you to have your own.

Sunday night is the evening I’ll spend majority of my time planning. Organizing all the things. 

When I’m meal planning for the following week,  I always grab my meal and shopping planner (thanks Amazon) to document it on paper. I’m a visual learner so having something I can see everyday tacked on my fridge is what serves our family best. And hey, this step I’ve made easy for you! I’m including a free meal planning template you can access below. Simply save the photo and print from your device. If you want to make this printable to go even further, laminate for continued use. You’ll save a lot of paper doing it this way!

Step two always consists of going through the remainder of food we have in our kitchen and working around it to plan meals. So if we were to have some chickpeas, chicken, or tofu on hand - I’d probably write down “stir fry or curry” as one of our meals for that week. I’ll also jot some items we regularly buy that we might be out of while I’m doing this. Multi-tasking at best.

After I’ve roamed our kitchen about a dozen times, I’ll start by asking Brandon if there’s anything specific he wants this week and write that down too. Than I’ll conclude by visiting Pinterest and looking through my recipes folder to get a little inspiration. That’s where majority of my favorite recipes reside. (You can follow me here: And once the creativity starts flowing, that’s when I’ll be able to finalize our list. I’ll write down meals and add ingredients to the grocery list - check and mate!

Meal planning doesn’t have to be hard. It’s simply what you make it. It’s not shiny, flashy, or insta-worthy, but I’ll promise it’s going to make a positive impact on your life! This process only takes me about 20-30 minutes and I’ll do it for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is what works best for us and I like being able to quickly look at my list to see what to make instead of trying to come up with things on the spot over and over again, seven days a week. It saves me upwards to 1,000 hours in the grocery store too, trying to decide what to get.

I believe that organizing parts of your life isn’t complicated and taking these simple steps routinely will create some wonderful habits that will launch you into reaching all of your lifestyle goals. And hey, this free template already puts you one step ahead!

To access, right click the photo, save file to your computer, and print!

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