The Biggest Lesson Motherhood Has Taught Me

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There’s an abundance of things I could say about motherhood. That I can imagine sharing with you if we were sitting on my well loved, totally cozy, and not so white anymore sectional. Above all, I’d be genuine with you. I’d be real. I wouldn’t gloss over the harsh reality of pre-nap tantrums or the tough truth of not feeling like I’m measuring up. I’d lean into the conversation and give you open access to my heart, my thoughts, and our everyday life. Above all, I’d say it’s worth it. Every part of it. 

In October of 2018 I became a mom. A leading role I told myself as an eight year old girl wouldn’t ever happen (true story). I was fearful than. Haunted by the idea and pain of delivery. Struck by the challenge of doing things for others all day long. And downright convinced that being an adult was just plain hard. Okay, I was only eight years old than, but I can imagine that these feelings can still linger in my mind today. And perhaps yours too in whatever you face.

Motherhood, just as any other leadership role we carry can have a long list of feelings attached to it. Maybe you’re an older sister feeling the pressure of your example or the head of a big corporation. Maybe you’re an entrepreneur making all the calls or the teacher of a group of students in a classroom. Maybe you’re a grocery clerk, artist, ticket agent, or banker. There’s so much more to who you are than what you do. And you’re influencing someone. Your influence matters because your life leads. Even when that might mean you learn along the way.

Before I had my first son almost three years ago, you know I read all the books. I bought all the things. And you can imagine had an embarrassing amount of notebooks full of notes on “what to do when this happens” or “what I should pack in my hospital bag”. I mean I had it all. I really did, friend and I’m not afraid to admit I still do. I came across one of those journals just the other day, with tally marks on how many diapers, onesies, socks, hats, and packages of wipes my husband and I had on hand before our bundle of joy arrived (also true story). 

If I’ve learned anything in my two short years of changing diapers, teaching letters, singing songs, doing puzzles, and clenching every muscle in my body hoping my toddler doesn’t get yet another “boo boo”, I’ve learned this: I was made for this. This role in the play of life was crafted with me in mind from the very beginning. That same truth applies to you, wherever you are placed right now. 

There’s lessons you’ve learned. There’s lessons that you’re learning. There’s lessons that you will learn. And there’s probably even lessons you wish you could unlearn, but the reality is, they’re all extraordinary  pieces to your beautiful puzzle. This painting that’s coming together. A legacy of masterpiece called life.

Lessons I’ve learned and I’m sure you’ve learned in your role probably play out something like this. You’ve learned patience the hard way. You’ve learned strategy on how to do things better. You’ve learned consistency every time you make a choice to show up. You’ve acquired healthy knowledge of sacrifice and boundaries. Effective communication and confrontation. Resilience and confidence. If you’re still doing what you’re doing and showing up where you’re expected, you can imagine that you’ve obtained some undeniable skills that will propel you into all that this life has for you.

It shakes you and shapes you, day in and day out. What you were once fearful of like me when I told my adolescent self that I couldn’t be a mom, you can stand in today. Resting assured that you were made for this. This moment here and all the ones to come too.