Karsons 2nd Birthday

 Re-living this memory is a sweet one. It’s the kind of moment in time where your heart is bursting with a flood of emotions. Real, deep, and very true feelings of joy, excitement, and pure wonder at the reality of how very quick life can be.

Someone hit the pause button for one moment please and thank you.

As I write this to you today, I’m already planning out the adventure of our sweet boys 3rd birthday. Yes, THIRD. Pinch me.

Before we dive into the details, there’s something you should know about me. It’s something I’ve learned over the years about myself and also the few short seasons of adjusting to becoming a mom. And it’s this: I love birthdays.

I really, really do. There’s something so exciting and fun about celebrating others. Genuinely the day that they came into this world has to be one of the most monumental days. It’s nothing short of a miracle and to me, that’s worth going all out for.

Now. I’m also the kind of person that just loves herself everything design. Hello, Joanna Gaines, I’m a big fan! So if you give me a project where I can flex those creative muscles, I’ll do it with a smile. I may not be great at planning it, but if you’re looking for a visionary, I’m your gal.

Speaking of vision, I’m eager to share the details of Karson’s two the moon and back birthday party! Yep, did I also mention I adore a good theme? Definitely that mom.

When I began grazing the surface of Pinterest for every “two” inspired birthday party across the internet, Brandon and I fell in love with the idea of a space theme. It felt like the perfect celebration for our little guy. 

When I am planning any event, I’ll always make a folder on Pinterest to keep every idea that I like in one place. This eventually helps me narrow down what I’ll end up using and creatively piecing some of those ideas together. 

Once I have a vision, that’s when we start planning the food, buying the things, and organizing the layout. It’s easier for me to work this way so that everything fits around a centered theme. It’s like a melody that I’ll usually start crafting in the spring so once fall comes around, I’m ready to start taking action.

Since Karson’s birthday fell in the awkward stages of the Covid 19 pandemic, we knew it would best serve our family and the ones we love to invite just a few close companions to join us in person, but we also had some of our friends attend virtually at gift opening hour! (yay for the internet).

Our in person guests enjoyed the most fun spread of desserts alongside of finger foods for our afternoon celebration.

There was a sandwich bar with a spread of different breads,  meats, cheeses, and veggies. Next, an assortment of chips and applesauces for the kids. We also include some star shaped pb&j’s to elevate the occasion. 

Dessert was displayed on our main table which was accessible at anytime as I’m a pretty firm believer that dessert before dinner is totally acceptable. 

Karson’s vanilla cake with space toppers was the star of the show. This was a do-it-yourself (DIY) project we were able to customize to the theme and color scheme too by using mini foam circles from Michael’s. [ Fun fact: they were egg shaped until we carved them down to circles and when I say “we”, I really mean my husband, Brandon. ] After he shaped them, we painted them and stuck them into some skewer sticks and sorted them by different heights next to the “make a wish” candle from target. 

Cascading across the remainder of the black table cloth were goodies like vanilla cupcakes, star shaped rice crispy treats, and mini moon pies. 

Paper plates brought to you by target, wooden silverware by Amazon, and paper cups were an unexpected find from Michael’s.

One of my absolute favorite parts about Karson’s birthday party was our DIY planet backdrop. I just live for a great backdrop for photos y’all and to elevate such a special day. It speaks volumes that I hope radiate love to those in my life when it comes to celebration.

This planet DIY setup was constructed using two simple things you probably have in your home right now. Cardboard and paint. That’s it.

My husband, Brandon cut out planet shaped and painted them using the color scheme of our event. We simply taped them to the wall with a little painters tape and absolutely love how it turned out!

The big “2” ballon was purchased at a local party store that we also taped right alongside of our solar system. 

During the event, our younger guests received a little silver star shaped bag that included some exciting favors to bring home. The star shaped bags were another unexpected find at Michael’s that worked out well for our event. In their bags we placed space shaped crayons customized from an Etsy seller and space tattoos we came across on targets website. Check and mate! 

Our final DIY was our star cupcake toppers. This is another easy project that fit just right for the theme of this event. 

We purchased a bag of assorted wooden stars from Michels and simply glued them on to the back of toothpicks. Wala! You have yourself a cake topper.

Karson is two and now we’re on our way to three! I’m so excited about this years theme and would love to hear your guesses in the comments!

Thanks for joining us on this journey called life