Newborn Essentials I Love As A Second Time Mom

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This journey of motherhood is simply one of the most incredible experiences i’ve had the privilege of knowing. And if you’re reading this, probably one you have or will soon know very well also.

As a mom to a sweet two year old, I knew I desired to simplify things around here. I mean, that would or maybe could help a girl out a little….right? 

With my first son, I read all the books, created the beautiful nursery space, and owned more packs of diapers than I did shoes. Although you can never be fully prepared for a transitional season, I felt much more at ease having a little experience tucked under my belt and actually owned baby items from my oldest boy.

My heart exploded as our rainbow babe arrived the morning of may 15th, 2021. And these items I’ve gathered are a look into my very favorite newborn essentials as a mom of two.

Above everything, this is my biggest recommendation for any and every parent. Moms and dads alike. I live in this wrap every single day. It’s easily become the greatest accessory to my mama attire.

Between my husband, Brandon and I, we own about 5 different slings. We take having our babies close pretty seriously ;) 

In all honesty though, this is one of the items we use the most. Myles and I are together 90% of the day and you’ll probably catch me in either my solly baby wrap or wild bird sling. From newborn to infant to toddler, this is one of the best investments.

Every parent will decide what sleeping arrangements best serve them and their family, but I knew this was worthy enough for me to share because we have enjoyed this with both of our boys.

Karson used it all the time as a newborn. Since Myles spends majority of his day in my arms or on my chest, he doesn’t spend nearly as much time in it as Karson once did, but I still love being able to lay Myles down in it comfortably for a nap or on the floor where he can rest under my supervision. 

One of my favorite perks about owning the snuggle me is having a little comfort from home when traveling as well. It’s simple and easy to pack, without requiring a lot of space to bring along with you. 

We didn’t have this particular rocker with Karson, but I will say that this one is the most beautiful rocker I’ve ever seen!

Thanks to a couple of adored friends, Myles is enjoying the luxury of having his own space to recline. When it comes to the reality of life as a mom, daily chores, and chasing my toddler around the house, this rocker is used every day.

What I like about this particular seat, is that there’s a buckle to safely keep baby secure, it’s low to the ground where my oldest son, Karson can be close enough to include Myles in our play activities, and the over all design is so aesthetically  pleasing!

Oh my gosh, I’m totally that mom who never wants to miss a moment. If you’re anything like me, documenting a child’s life is beautiful. It’s literally a miracle before your eyes.

Looking back at my own childhood, it’s been the most special experience to have my parents pass down photos and videos of my own growth. I simply cherish the opportunity to do that for my children now. 

And again, one of the reasons I’m all heart eyes for these particular cards is because of the aesthetic. I mean, I have to be honest. Everything wood please and thank you.

The next two newborn essentials are for my spring and summer babies. And for those of you who live in warmer climates year round, you could benefit adding these to your list too!

Spending time outdoors is a family favorite here, therefore a universal mat that was lightweight and easy to clean or travel with was important to us. What I adore most about this piece is how multi-purposeful it is. We use it for so many different things!

Picnics, sensory play, beach mat, and much more! I like the idea of being able to have a comfortable place for my newborn to do tummy time or lie down while we’re outdoors. It’s an added bonus that they won’t necessarily “grow out” of it since it’s such a universal item. Plus, it’s cute!

This stroller is everything! It’s wonderful for countless reasons and I can’t believe how spectacular it is for growing families.

When my husband, Brandon and I started tweaking the final portions of our registry, we settled on adding this stroller to  our small wishlist after days of research. Having two children under three comes with many adventures and many of them are more fun and more functional with a stroller.

This particular model is unique because it functions as a single or double stroller with just a few adjustments. It’s lightweight and easy to open or close which is vital for our outings. Our toddler, Karson has used it the most, ridding solo since our newborn, Myles isn’t the biggest fan of the car seat, but it’s definitely convenient when Myles is happy taking a stroll when we’re out and about. 

I also appreciate the large storage basket and adjustable handles with this set, alongside of its super affordable price. Quick tip: use that registry discounts mama! You might thank me later.

If you’re an expecting mama or mother of multiple kids, my hope is that today’s post helped you kickstart your registry, finalized your checklist, or sparked an idea on what to consider when it comes to caring for your newborn.

Above all, I want these next few words to echo loudest. Your love and attention is what your baby will need most. These first few hours, days, and soon to be weeks together are some of the most irreplaceable memories you’ll make with your littlest love. Congratulations and welcome to the motherhood family! I want to express how extremely happy I am for you!