Homemaking. It’s creating and managing a home. The atmosphere. The tone. The long list of to-do’s. Overseeing all the aspects of running a household. Presenting a comfortable and inviting space for all that life will offer inside the special four walls of what you know as home.

I think there’s some silly stigma around homemakers and generational labels stamped on the type of people it adheres to. I don’t think the word “homemaker” should tag people as all they are, but celebrate them for all they do. I don’t think it limits those who walk it’s course, but opens up windows of opportunity for their character to grow for what’s ahead. I think this and a whole lot more. Homemakers are set apart. And if I could say, there’s more creative and unique positions about what homemaking really is than may meet the eye.

I’ve always carried qualities of a homemaker from childhood before I ever took the plunge. I mean, what nine year old asks to do the dishes? I still remember to this day how genuinely real my interest was in watching the soap waterfall into an overflow of stained glasses and pointy forks. I gazed over my moms shoulder over a dozen times as her pruned hands cupped every piece of dish-ware until every last plate was clean. Her love for our home was constantly evident.  

I’m naturally pulled towards homemaking in the qualities I enjoy. Organizing treasured items, planning out meals, and folding laundry to my favorite audio messages. Although I gravitate toward some portions naturally, there’s definitely things my husband and I trade off. News flash, I hate cleaning tubs and I don’t like making the bed. Sorry to disappoint.

The good news is, caring for our homes is so much more than chores, a Pinterest worthy bedroom or our unorganized pantry. It goes beyond the linens we cuddle with nightly and how much dust may or may not be built up on our countertops. To me, the most notable part of homemaking is this: building up your people.

Yes, yes, and yes. Pouring into those that we are our most pure, raw, and real selves with day in and day out. This portion of homemaking is extremely important to me because it’s one that I often miss more than I’d like to admit. Where serving meets the imperfect heart. The heart that still gets overwhelmed by countless hours of clean up. The heart that says the wrong thing and begs for forgiveness. And the heart that endures the tangible emotions that this beautiful calling carries. Especially when the white and colored dirty laundry clash. 

Often times, the atmosphere of my white washed walls is influenced by the very spirit I’m carrying. Laughter adds joy. Kindness adds encouragement. Gentleness adds love. It’s the very fruits that God calls us to carry. The kind of actions that participate in the transformation of lives. The kind of behaviors that radiate adoration to grow bigger, stronger. The space where my family knows it is safe. My arms and heart continually open to what they have to say. What they are willing to share. What they constantly feel. When I choose to let the evidence of my life lead with positivity for my people, the atmosphere in our home shifts. Be that life giver for yourself and for your people.

As a homemaker, wife, and mama, I understand the responsibility and the power of prayer. This is a part of homemaking that sits uniquely tucked into my life. Imagine with me for a moment, if you were to come partake in my normal life, you’d be quick to understand my best friends are my boys, my social life is for the most part text, calls, and social media, and when I have a blank look on my face, I’m probably thinking about something. You’d also note that I like to start my day talking to Jesus, I’ll take my coffee extra hot, and I desire Gods Word before I get into life beyond bacon and eggs. Whether you’re watching closely or from a distance, you’d probably take the hint that prayer is something you'll catch me in all day long. What do I mean by prayer? Biblically, it’s a conversation with God. Whether I’m asking Him for help when I’m losing my cool, for direction when I don’t know what to do, or how I can best spend my day to be used for His glory. It’s a fundamental part of our day from when the sun gazes through our two story apartment and into the night when the house is still. I hope that my example teaches my children and reminds my husband the beauty of prayer in this lifetime. 

Perspective is everything. It’s not that I have to do x, y, and z, but I like to see it as I get to do them. Every single one of them. When I shift from I have to take out the trash, vacuum the house, or pick up all of these toys, to the opportunity I’ve been given, I live a life that I love. You’ll start revealing in how thankful you are for the ones who show up every week to collect your trash. You’ll understand the wonderful I feeling of a clean floor. And you certainly won’t miss the gift it is to see your children smile as their imagination grows during play. I’m a big believer in the ability to see the good. It’s refreshing to be around and a powerhouse foundation.

Presence. Something the world today could use a little more of. I honor the value of someone taking the time to be present with me, so it’s not hard to fathom why it’s such a staple in my home too. Caring for the needs of my family walks hand in hand with being present with them too. It’s getting down to my boys level and hugging them when they’re upset or playing with them when they ask. It’s choosing to set aside time with my husband to play a board game and laugh over our favorite snacks. It’s choosing to put my phone away and surrender to the noise of my favorite people. It’s choosing to live and not to put life on hold. When I plan my weeks, I’m always trying to be aware where my pockets of time are and use those to my best ability, especially if that means I’ll be pulling out my phone or laptop. When people interact with me, I want them to feel seen. When my kids grow up, my biggest desire is for them to know I was there. Always present with them. Always for them.

Of course the cleaning, the cooking, and the endless amounts of laundry tie into homemaking too. Things that I get to love because it’s apart of life. Abilities and experiences I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to do with the work of my hands. Homemakers are far more than what we may see them as. They are often the force behind everything that happens in and outside of the four walls. They are beautiful. They are worthy to celebrate.

Let our homes be built on the rock. Let our homes flourish from the work of our hands and hearts.