Adirondack Tree Farm

In honor of the first sticky-stick-and stay snow fall in the magical Adirondack’s, the Barrett family went out for a weekend adventure to pick out our Christmas tree. After many years of putting up artificial trees, I’ve learned countless times that there is nothing like the smell of fresh pine filling every cubby space of our cozy apartment.

Our excitement to kick off December took us to The Haley Farm in West Chazy, New York. The gift shop was a cute bonus, but I’d be lying if I didn’t mention the complimentary chocolate chip cookies and hot coco that just put me over the edge. After spending an hour in the flourishing fields, that kind of hospitality was the best gift.

Since Brandon and I became parents, we always desired our kiddos to get the full winter experience. Extra thick socks and wooly hats please. Temperatures in northern New York are nothing to mess with, but that first snow fall is surely memorable and worthy to celebrate before we quickly grow tired of the freezing temps (let’s be honest). 

Growing up in the north east meant sledding until dark, building snowman with bare hands, and tunneling through mountains of  never ending snowflakes. It was cold toes and warm smiles. And simply a tangible walking in a winter wonderland experience. 

Packing up our necessities for a morning at the tree farm meant approximately three trips to the car and one turn around when we forgot snacks. Traveling as a pack of four is something we’re still perfecting, but certainly loving every minute of. Mittens, gloves, jackets, blankets, and extra hot coffee of course. I ran in one final time for my tripod because you can’t forget that glorious family photo. Anyone else thankful for self timers? 

Our improve morning journey began roughly about 9:30am when our tires grazed the grounds of The Haley Farm. The present owners directed us to the puzzles of paths that caused us to be smack dab in the middle of hundreds of unique and fluffy pines. My spirit was jumping for joy at all the beauty that surrounded me. We traded the warmth of our overheated SUV for the brisk morning air, shuffling our way through different pathways of tall, short, and awkward trees. I jokingly use awkward because of the several and slightly adorable Charlie Brown trees we were able to spot. If you know, you know.

Roaming the lot was my favorite memory. I sincerely mean it when I say, we were literally laughing all the way! Determining which pine tree would suit our 9 feet ceilings was going to test our eye to detail. Having our oldest son, Karson play a significant role in selecting the right tree was extremely sweet. That’s if he would stop eating snow long enough to gaze around ;)

With a handful of good contenders, we left happily with the perfect fit. It really was, considering the three inches our ceiling had to spare. Totally chipper, my husband, Brandon eagerly grabbed the saw and detached our family pine from the friendly earth. This is always his favorite portion of our adventure. We will purposefully go out of our way to find a location that offers cutting our own tree. 

As Brandon took his last cut, he motioned me to come closer, where I could experience our newest family tradition alongside of him. His tired hands were holding a small circular shape freshly cut trunk. What will soon be recognized as another sentimental addition to our Christmas tree. I smiled his way and he smiled mine. It was the most sincere way to remember this moment in time and freeze it just a little longer. A memory that won’t quickly be forgotten.

As I mentioned, the warm chocolate chip cookies and delicate hot coco were an added treat, but if the bloopers didn’t make this take, it couldn’t be the same. The most laughable outtake that will highlight my imperfection in the most genuine way was on our drive home. I had shuffled my way into the drivers seat as Brandon savored the last sips of chocolate. He earned his passenger ride fair and square after loading our tree to the top of our vehicle. If it wasn’t even two minutes down the road, it might have been three, but our tree went from comfortably hugging our car top, to on the side of the road. I laugh as I’m writing this in real time because it felt like a scene right out of a comedy Christmas film. I watched as that cute pine danced across the quiet road and patiently waited for us to return. But hey, I did say earlier that we were certainly laughing all the way! This totally included the way home too.

Happy December, friends!

If you made it this far, thank you so much for being here! I wanted to let you in on a little something special. We filmed this entire adventure and can’t wait to share it with you there! 

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