Karson's Bee-Day Party

Where did the time go? 
That's a saying that's becoming far too familiar in my everyday headspace. Your children are growing up before your eyes everyday, but it's the defining moments like this, days of celebration that stand out and make you step back to soak in every tick tock of the clock that led to this very instant. 

That's what I see in this photo. I see my one of a kind three year old in all of his brilliance today and yet I still visualize my sweet newborn in all of his preciousness then. Isn't that neat what time will do to you? I sure do appreciate capturing time and holding onto it just a little while longer.

I'm the mom, heck scratch that, I'm the friend, wife, mom, daughter, sister, and gal pal who will go all in if it means party. Over here celebrating people like it's my day job. There's something about the day that someone came into the world that naturally clings to my heart. It blows whistles of celebration and makes me pull out my cheerleader pom-poms.   

Scurrying every corner of the Pinterest world is where you'll naturally find me the months leading up to any of my children's birthday. I've kind of got this rhythm down of scooping out what theme to select based on the age of my kiddo. It's cheesy with extra cheese. 

Karson's first birthday is remembered by One Wild Year. His second birthday is marked by Two The Moon & Back. And no doubt this third year would be echoed from how It's Fun To Bee Three. A cute and catchy tagline that would showcase the sweetest of bee-day's yet. 

Crafting all the details, pulling in the inspiration, and bringing the vision to life is it for me. What you recall only a picture in your head becomes a reality in an instant...well in many that we're constructed along the way.

The bee-day menu consisted of sweet and salty tables dripping with arrangement of worthy snacks. Bar-bee-q chicken sandwiches, honey nectar, and honey combs to name a few. The smash cake and a cake to share were the stars of this show, stealing the spotlight on the dessert table thanks to a very important aunt in Karson's life <3

 Implementing a honey comb backdrop, I did a simple $5 DIY (do it yourself) with a handful of mini hexagon frames from Micheals and a hot glue gun. You can conquer a whole lot with a whole little.

The balloon arch stood as an elegant, fun, and modern display to capture the most memorable moments. Amazon taught me that they can surely be trusted to serve all of our party balloon needs. We'll usually have a balloon display at any and every celebrations because the bold statement never fails to fill up a beautiful space just right. 

If you know me, you'll know I have a scandinavian, western, boho, natural, modern, unique sort of style. A building of many styles that come together to make one. You’ll unpack that relatively quickly  if you come to any of our events because I pretty much use the same decorations over and over again. And here's the secret to designing a party you'll love: use what you already have

Several of the displays and decor pieces are ones that you'll come across in my house. Why? Because we actually display them everyday. It makes the design process simpler, more cost effective, and enjoyable because you can plug in all of the cohesive decorations you have at home. I actually adore this part most since it’s personal and so very good at making the entire celebration feel like us. That’ll always bring a smile to my face.

When the candles have been blown and presents unwrapped, my biggest goal is to honor who joined us. This is truly what I believe makes any get together stand out. To me, these intimate features are carved into my planning process. Themed favors are always a fun takeaway for kids and adults alike. We thanked all of Karson's friends and family with honey sticks and honey for settings aside time to come. Their good bags also included yellow bubble wands for only the best of buddies adventure home.

   To bring excitement and enjoyment for the families who made plans to join us, we orchestrated a kid’s play area with toys for all ages that was tucked quaintly under a white tipi style tent. Envisioning this impactful detail is one that I won’t stop re-visiting anytime soon.

And finally, it was extra sweet to bee able to collaboratively honor two birthdays that sit closely next to one another. There couldn’t have been any better way to end one year and enter into another, than blowing out candles with a very special someone. We love you, aunt Re!