27 Things I've Learned By 28

There's always been this stigma about getting older. Like it's not fun and no one ever really wants to share their age. Am I right? 

    Well hey, my names tiffany and I'm genuinely excited to turn 28 years old today. 

    Reflecting on another year around the sun has always been something I enjoy. Reflection in general is where I thrive, never wanting to let this very special gift called life pass me by. Continually experiencing.  Always growing.

And by now, I'd say there's a handful of lessons I've learned along the way. Things like:

1. Laugh a little more. It's good for the soul.

2. Embrace the season. There's at least one thing every night that you can find gratitude for.

3. Life is right here, right now. Don't spend so much time wrapped up in the past or too much time fixated on the future. Time is precious.

4. Keep choosing generosity. You'll experience the power of letting go and witness the impact it really makes,

5. Perspective is powerful. Every "bad" moment can be flipped with a mindset. 

6. You can be content. You'll find this freedom when you transition from focusing on other people. The comparison trap stops here.

7. Give yourself grace. You'll mess up because you're human, over and over again.

8. Don't sweat the small stuff. You don't need to vacuum every night, girlfriend. Company doesn't care as much as you think.

9. What you do matters. Day in and day out, everything you put your hand to is changing the future.

10. Confrontation doesn't have to be negative. Conflict is just a new presented opportunity to be honest and grow in relationship. 

11. It's your choice. Everything. What you think about. What you tell yourself. What actions you take. It's all a choice.

12. Give yourself more compliments. Really, you deserve it. Take a moment and look at all you're doing.

13. Change is hard because transition is never easy. Accept it and trust the process is doing good things for your character.

14. You are not responsible to fix everything. Take that load off your shoulders. It wasn't meant for you to carry.

15. Don't get stuck on your mistake. Or on anyone else's. This is a grudge free zone.

16. Do things that make you happy. It sounds easy, yet you can forget to make it a priority. 

17. Authenticity is valued. Who you really are is likable. Who you are is accepted.

18. Say yes when it's hard. Find confidence in the stretch. Your yes could change your life or someone else's.

19. Also say no when it's hard. It's okay to use such a "bad" word. You need it.

20. God's hand is on your life. When you can and when you can't see.

21. Life is really what you make it. Make it rock! (cue the hannah montana theme song).

22. Slow down a little. Take a breath and rest. 

23. There's still hope. When there's nothing left, hope always remains. 

24. Don't stop doing good. Kindness always wins. 

25. You can't please everyone. Only coffee can do that.

26. Less is more. You’re going to appreciate and actually love minimizing your life.

27. You're free to be you. You can love yourself imperfectly.